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New User looking for help


Just signed up. I was told here's a good place to find ROMs that work with .207, but how do I DL them in bulk? I can't find any link in the downloads section, do I have to DL them individually? I've also heard there are games available here that I haven't seen when I browse through the files (Alien vs Predator is one, Knights of the Round and Street Fighter II HF two others).

I realize I'm probably asking extremely obvious questions so I apologize for that as I'm a bit new to this and I'm finding all the compatibility issues a bit confusing, but if anyone could give me a quick rundown on how to DL everything at once and if this particular game is included I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm actually only looking for a dl-1425.bin (q sound) file for my older MAME roms, have been unable to locate it, but have read it's been in a recent update of MAME ROMs.

Thanks for any help guys.

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