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Need 2 roms

Anyone have these?


"341-0212-a.e9", 0x002000, CRC(bc5575ef) SHA1(aa20c257255ef552295d32a3f56ccbb52b8716c3)

"341-0211-a.f12", 0x000800, CRC(fac15d54) SHA1(abe019de22641b0647e829a1d4745759bdffe86a)

Thanks!  :)


maybe posting a fix-dat is easier. Or do you know what set/system it is?


Edit: I have created a "fixdat" for your request, but I don't have this roms. Maybe someone else?

fix_Robbert.zip600B3 downloads

Thanks Mucci.


Seems nobody has these roms..  maybe they'll appear one day..

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