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Miss CHD MAME 0.206

Hi i miss 5 CHDs

What I have got a wrong checksum



name="avalon20" sourcefile="triforce.cpp" romof="triforce">

<description>The Key Of Avalon 2.0 - Eutaxy and Commandment (client) (Rev B) (GDT-0017B)

<disk name="gdt-0017b" sha1="22827a78415c967c9b6abff5aa1037e01785a7b3" region="gdrom"/>


<machine name="cleoftp" sourcefile="naomi.cpp" romof="naomigd">

<description>Cleopatra Fortune Plus (GDL-0012)</description>

<disk name="gdl-0012" sha1="406dfbab95070f4d4e1c4d5a933519dfee78702a" region="gdrom"/>


<machine name="gticlub2ea" sourcefile="viper.cpp" romof="gticlub2">

<description>GTI Club: Corso Italiano (ver EAA)</description>

<disk name="941a02" sha1="dd180ad92dd344b38f160e31833077e342cee38d" region="ata:0:hdd:image"/>


<machine name="masmario" sourcefile="alien.cpp">

<description>Super Mario Fushigi No Korokoro Party 2</description>

<disk name="massmario" sha1="9632c91bf2e4983ee29f417e3122e9380baee25b" region="card"/>


<machine name="wontame" sourcefile="alien.cpp">

<description>Won! Tertainment Happy Channel (Ver E)</description>

<disk name="wontame" sha1="eb4fe73d5f723b3af08d96c6d3061c9bbc7b2488" region="card"/>

miss.txt254B1 downloads
fix.dat4.4K1 downloads

The first 3 are in the DOWNLOADS section.

The last 2 are in the Mega-folder in the Mame 0.205 SL/CHD Sooner Requests thread.

I check the data with Clrmamepro 4.035

Mame version 0.206


and the program tells me that the following dates do not have the correct checksum.


The program refuses to insert the Roms / Chds


These Roms / Chd are not right


These Roms / Chd are not right

Nothing is wrong. The SHA-1 checksum of the files are the checksum information inside the file so
from the uncompressed disk and not the actual checksum of the file itself.

The update pack from mucci is 100% okay.

I have raised my 0.205 version to 0.206 without complications.
I always use RomVault for this and have not had any problems with it so far.

Download the correct update pack and extract the dat file from your exe with:

MAME.exe -listxml >MAME0206.dat

Good Luck

OK I got it. Clrmamepro does not manage the ch's like the roms

you have to do everything manual, not like on the roms.


The latest nightly build of clrmamepro now moves chds


this post help me to run sfiii2 chd... thanks

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