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Mame Software List Titles wont run. Please read

Hi Guys!

I have a problem with Mame software title lists. You just don't start over Mame. The error message "the selected software is missing one or more required files" always appears. When I mame with e.g. "Mame64.exe nes" start I can select a Rom and start it. If I start Mame64.exe without the switch and then select a Rom from the list, it does not start and I get the above-mentioned error message. Everything went perfectly to the point that I used Mameui64. There I always got the error message when starting that the file nplayers.ini could not be parsed. Without further ado I deleted the mame folder and downloaded mame and mameui again. After that, the software lists stopped working. I'm starting to despair.

Can someone help me there?

Thanks for your support.

Kind regards Proffix

* ps I have translated this text with Google translated because my English is not quite as good. Hope this is not a problem

Hello again Even if it doesn't belong here. In case someone has the same problem again. The solution is very simple. Simply enter the path to the SL in Mame.ini not only under "software" but also under "rompath". Ciao

Next time please post it not with a "fancy" formatting