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MAME v0.208 - Archives

A continuation of the project I started many years ago and update with each new release.

It's basically a 60gb+ collection of MAME/MESS/UME Emulators and DATs... NO ROMs.


MAME Archives --->!Kl9AxTAA!3n4trnsyXA4EVNScL-I-2w


Other Links:


MAME Compiles --->!qhl1mLwA!xL7OFcNnLSg8oQQdSJgkcA


MAME Extras DATs->!f98FmJpI!ZZ9iUtOXLKGP_W_Z1uHPBw




Does anyone know why this version does not work on Windows XP 32bits? I have an old cabinet and this is the first version of mame that does not work in XP. When I run mame.exe it shows a kernel error.

"No se encuentra el punto de entrada del procedimiento GetTickCount64 en la biblioteca de vínculos dinámicos KERNEL32.dll"

Creo que es un problema de compilación.

The official 32-bit was compiled with GCC 7.4 which doesn't support XP.


You can either build your own with GCC 7.2 or earlier; or you can download a pre-made copy of MAME from my site (which you will need to find out).

No update to v0.214?

Hey bud, thanks for asking.

Yeah... I have about 95% of v0.214 actually completed and ready to go except I have run into some house issues I am dealing with at the moment (Winter is coming and I need to deal with that first). I just saw this post as I was taking a quick break to eat. I will try my best to get it out before v0.215 hits, if not, then the v0.215 release for me will include all of it.



Used to follow you on RS on a daily basis but here you answer 2 mails a month.

Just worried you quit your projects.

Take your time.


v0.214 uploaded

Thanks smile

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