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MAME 0.244 SL/CHD sooner requests

As usual because RR does not provide SL

Use his thread for added SL/CHD stuff (from official 0.243 to the next official release 0.244)

Don't search/post here stuff that is already added to 0.243 or earlier!

Alguien tiene el super dodge ball de neo geo??



Alguien tiene el super dodge ball de neo geo??


Hola! Ahí te lo anexo.



sdodgeb.zip6.9M8 downloads

Don't forget the missing drive for Beatmania IIDX 1st Style!

Hi Good evening, I'm going to give you this Roms of Mortal kombat Yawdim. (mkyawdim2).

I wanted to ask you of the Forum if you can convert this Roms to mame who has black skies.?

it only works on mame 0.223.


mkyawdim2.zip4.8M19 downloads

Hi all,


Could I please get some missing NEC PC-9801 CD-ROMs files?


I have attached a fixdat, any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

fix_pc98_cd.zip1.1K2 downloads

Aren't those in the MEGA folder under SL/pc98_cd_roms?


Ahh, yes, stupid me. It's Friday here, long day... Apologies.

So after applying those, I'm miising just this one 

fix_pc98_cd.zip658B1 downloads

That missing chd is a rename of ryoukiop/original pictures of ryouki no ori.chd.

If it's not in your backup-folder you can find it at


Thanks @noone I really do feel like a moron. You're awesome for putting up with someone like me!  I will recheck over and over next time....

In the c64_cart software list, in the file, it's missing the [c68297 vid pak cg.u18] rom file.


It's not missing, it was already in the xl80 cart as dtc.u14.

These updates contain only new roms.



i have a warning message from clrmamepro afte a scan of my roms + chds :

Can't move 'E:\mame-merged 0.244 + chds\kingyoch\kingyo.chd' to 'E:\mame-merged 0.244 + chds\kingyo\kingyo.chd


my scan results mame0244.dat report :

Yataimura Kingyosukui (4-player, China, Ver 1.000) [system: Sega System SP (Spider) BIOS - folder: kingyoch - parent: kingyo - size: 6mb]

wrong merged ROM set: E:\mame-merged 0.244 + chds\kingyoch (merge to: kingyo)

wrong placed chd: E:\mame-merged 0.244 + chds\kingyoch\kingyo.chd (move to set: kingyo)


What should i do please ?


keep in mind that you must do it manually as CLRMAME do not move chd

 And it seems that it is already solved

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