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MAME 0.223 ROMs sooner (arcade + mess)

I will update the following folder for the updates  (from official 0.222 to the next official release 0.223):



Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.222 or earlier!

Note: Remember that this update folder does not contain complete sets! "Full MAME 0.222 + "update" -> rebuild -> "Full MAME 0.222rXXX"

The "release0223" branch has surfaced on MAME's Github repository, I guess release of MAME 0.223 isn't too far away in time cool

Haven't tried to compile it yet, though..


That is great to know. Mame is updating quite fast right now

Unofficial Release of MAMEUI 0.223 released two days ago on HBMAME-Website:

Death Race [TTL] [folder: deathrac - size: 2kb]

missing rom: 6331-36.e7 [size: 32] [CRC32: bb743b79] [SHA1: 8eb73782bcea7dbba7b75db32307e562248691bb]

missing rom: 6331-36.r7 [size: 32] [CRC32: bb743b79] [SHA1: 8eb73782bcea7dbba7b75db32307e562248691bb]

Does anyone have does?


Official MAME 0.223 released today:

if anyone has this...thanks ^^

fix_223.dat14.7K9 downloads


if anyone has this...thanks ^^

 Same missing files here... weird.

my miss file thank

fix_0.223.dat25.6K6 downloads

@Jets and Virus-man ->

@Lodan: check it too, I have not verify it (I need sleep now ;-)


Thank you very much!

Thanks Mucci ;)

miss this file

Zone 7-in-1 Sports (PAL) [folder: zone7in1p - parent: zone7in1 - size: 16mb]

missing set: Zone 7-in-1 Sports (PAL)

missing rom: zone7in1.bin [size: 16777216] [CRC32: 40bbfb80] [SHA1: f65a900abea13977713bbe3b5e736e6d4d106f2c]


it s ok i just found the file thank

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