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MAME 0.222 ROMs sooner (arcade + mess)

I will update the following folder for the updates  (from official 0.221 to the next official release 0.222):



Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.221 or earlier!

Note: Remember that this update folder does not contain complete sets! "Full MAME 0.221 + "update" -> rebuild -> "Full MAME 0.221rXXX"

Thanks for the info. I saw the title. I was thinking they skip the 0.221 lol

Sorry for the possibly stupid question, but does anybody know why the 0.221 release has not been published yet? Will it be released in the end?

nobody knows, Vas has problems in RL as far that I know

Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that. I really hope everything will be fine for him in the end.

Thanks for the feedback, Mucci!

I don't really know the inner workings of MAME. I'm guess Vas is someone major with them. Regardless, sending Good Vibes to that person.

I don't have any Hbmame fullset yet

And I wanted to be downloading an unmixed set

Where to start?

pm sent to fabian. cool

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