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MAME 0.221 ROMs sooner (arcade + mess)

I will update the following folder for the updates  (from official 0.220 to the next official release 0.221):



Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.220 or earlier!

Note: Remember that this update folder does not contain complete sets! "Full MAME 0.220 + "update" -> rebuild -> "Full MAME 0.220rXXX"


Please add Emeraldia (Wii Virtual Console) (Japan) (emeraldvc)


How many times do you have to be told that this is the wrong forum to request features?

You can ignore anyhting that's allready present in MAME

Būbū Mario 

Super Mario Attack

Mario Undoukai

Sorry for mistakes



Here's a challenge for the whole MAME team:

Emulate any 1800's arcade game

I founded there (click on "year to sort by year"):


I'm so sorry if it's too hard to emulate at least 1 arcade game from 1800's.

You can try to emulate SegaSonic Bros. (a canceled game from 1992) and any other machine (at least 1 of them) by Linus Åkesson (who also created Craft)


@ can you please stop this talking in this thread, it has nothing to do with it. Also we can nothing do what is emulated in MAME and was isn't.

Hi all,

I hope this is the right place where to ask this and I apologize in advance if it is not. I have seen on AntoPISA website ( that it has been released a new version of the sample homerun. The old and new files are quite different, therefore I was wondering if this is something that will be implemented in the next MAME release?

Thanks in advance for your support!

maybe it has something to do with the changes 18h ago to homerun (would be for next 0.221 version)

The names are the same within the zip and as MAME does not provide CRC-checksum for sample it doesn't matter which file you are using. Maybe they have recorded the samples again? Maybe someone knows it

Thanks for confirming the changes in homerun rom, it looks like the samples have been remapped.

I will keep both versions for now and will check them with CLRMAME PRO on build 221.

Have a nice day! 

"Thanks to hap I updated a "sample" package: homerun." < thats a good source ;-)

Hi everyone, has someone the full

Alligator Hunt (protected, prototype?) - - the new one is missing d6.bin...Would be very nice;)

fix_221.dat1.2K4 downloads

I haven't dump it cause I don't have anymore yet (outside the box and a controller) and I'm sorry for posting wrong replies (I was just suggesting you to add to MAME without knowing that Retro Roms isn't owned by MAME) (you're right noon).


But please dump and add all rom parts of Lexibook JG7400 (60-in-1) (my very 1st console) (lx_jg7400) to the list for MAME 0.221.

It came out in 2011 and the hardware it should be similar to the Lexibook JG7415


If I suggest you to add something to MAME ever again you'll know that I'm talking about dumping it (or them if I suggest more than 1 thing) and adding to the upcoming MAME version (in this case 0.221) roms.


Yes i'm missing Alligator Hunt (protected, prototype?) - - the new one is missing d6.bin

if anyone has please & thanks


Hi everyone, has someone the full

Alligator Hunt (protected, prototype?) - - the new one is missing d6.bin...Would be very nice;)


d6.zip771B40 downloads

Thank you

Its the sys573 bios suposted to update?
Because i got "Arcade64 0.221" and i tried to run Great Bishi Bashi Champ, but then i got the following errors:

hd6473644h.18e NOT FOUND (NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN) (tried in gbbchmp sys573)
cb48jab02.1l ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.1u ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.2l ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.2u ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.3l ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.3u ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.4l ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.4u ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.5l ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.5u ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.6l ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.6u ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.7l ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.7u ROM NEEDS REDUMP
cb48jab02.8l NOT FOUND (tried in gbbchmp sys573)
cb48jab02.8u NOT FOUND (tried in gbbchmp sys573)
gcb48ja.u6 NOT FOUND (tried in gbbchmp sys573)


 i have missing this roms

The Tin Star (A10, 4 pcb version) [folder: tinstar - size: 78kb]

X-Men (4 Players ver EBA) [folder: xmen - size: 9mb]


Can you help me please

Thanks in advance




fix_Roms.dat3.2K3 downloads

Somehow loosely related, but is there a way of obtaining a MAME 0.221 executable, without cloning the GIT repository and compiling it yourself?

I see that (understandably) MAME hasn't offcially released v0.221 so far, and at the same time this forum has started a new thread for the 0.222 update, already

Would that mean we'll need to wait for official version 0.222 before updating 0.220, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any pointers :)


Never mind, I've compiled my own executable

Here is the missing rom for I found it here at.

This included the raw rom as well. Before converted.

Sorry if I post this in the wrong place. You can deleted this and then move it. :)

Thanks for updating but my chd roms are not working. Why? My version of emulator is Arcade32 0.221. When I use previously Arcade32 0.220 all roms chd are ok.

@StreetFighter: This topic is for MAME. Please create a new topic for your Arcade32 problem. Keep in mind that you have to update your set to match the 0.221 version of Arcade32. And maybe it would be a much better help if you can give us more information than "..but my chd roms are not working"

MAME 0.221 finally released.


Hi everyone, has someone the full

Alligator Hunt (protected, prototype?) - - the new one is missing d6.bin...Would be very nice;)


aligatorp.zip8.3M18 downloads

RR is updated to 0.221

miss 2 files

fix_0.221.dat2.2K10 downloads

Does they not fit?

Hey, I have a small question. Is it normal in this release that a ton of SL CHDs (i.e. cdi and megacd) are moved to the backup folder? I just realized it because my drive was full xD


someone can help me with these files:

PA7246 Pasopia Kanji ROM PAC2 [folder: pa7246 - size: 128kb]
missing device: PA7246 Pasopia Kanji ROM PAC2
missing rom: kanji.rom [size: 131072] [CRC32: 6109e308] [SHA1: 5c21cf1f241ef1fa0b41009ea41e81771729785f]

S-550 Digital Sampler [folder: s550 - parent: s50 - size: 34kb]
missing rom: s-550_2-0-0.ic3 [size: 16384] [CRC32: 9dbc93b7] [SHA1: bd9219772773f51e5ad7872daa1eaf03ec23f2c5]

I will appreciate If you can share them through (I'm new and the asks me for Username/Pass :-/)

Thank you in advance

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