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MAME 0.214 SL/CHD sooner requests

As usual because RR does not provide SL

Use his thread for added SL/CHD stuff (from official 0.213 to the next official release 0.214)

Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.213 or earlier!!6AtAFSoC!Nq-Xin5QM2Lg_gldeZxBfQ

Pac Man (U.G. bootleg of Puck Man), (pacmanug) graphics rom p9bfz.5e has a crc of DC9F2A7B (correct is 7A7B48B3)

wrong file in 0.214 update pack.

Not according to the Github.

DC9F2A7B is the correct crc for the pacmanug gfx rom, 7A7B48B3 is the crc for the pacmanfm gfx rom.

Thanks for the information. (Pacmanug) is working on Fbneo.

Everything listed here it must be emulated on MAME/MESS

iQue Player (China/Taiwan) (a long side a hole romset that I found on Internet Archive

VIdeoNow (including chds)

VideoNow Xp (including chds)

VideoNow Color (including chds)

Other microcontrollers by Linus Akesson from he's official page right here (no scam or clickbait):

NES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition 

Sega Genesis Mini

The C64 Mini (Pal/NTSC)


Must? Mame doesn't emulate new systems and certainly not ones that are still being sold.

Remember the video-game-crash in the 80s, that's what that comment kinda felt like.

There has been an update in the CPS3 driver with new CHD's.

Hi, do you happen to have the redumped Game & Watch melody roms?

There's been changes to a few games recently - gnw_climber, gnw_climbcs, gnw_mbaway and gnw_bfight. Thankx.


Could you help to fix these, please :

ibm5170 : 7 miss = Gilis presentask (Swe) [folder: gilispa - size: 7mb] / HiJaak Pro [folder: hijaakp - size: 4mb] / Internet in a Box - Single-User Version [folder: internet - size: 4mb] / Micro-Cap III [folder: microcp3 - size: 4mb] / NuSound PnP Install Disk [folder: nusound - size: 4mb] / Thunderhawk AH-73M [folder: thndrhwk - size: 6mb] / WordFinder Lexikon på PC (Swe) [folder: wordfndr - size: 5mb]


ibm5150 : 1 miss = Ranger 1 (Demo) [folder: ranger1 - size: 3mb]

missing rom: ranger 1 (demo, disk 1).img [size: 368640] [CRC32: 1f78644d] [SHA1: 0133bceb8d162f31e05d66cc5b9efd3d6efa250e]

missing rom: ranger 1 (demo, disk 2).img [size: 368640] [CRC32: 4bf95f56] [SHA1: 1749cb49ac8609781fd8f8dd9d4f56432601ce64]


vgmplay : 1 miss = Thunder Dragon 2 (Arcade) [folder: tdragon2 - size: 6mb]

Thanks a lot

fix_ibm5170.dat2.8K2 downloads
fix_ibm5150.dat886B1 downloads
fix_vgmplay.dat2.5K1 downloads

Hey, guys! Could you help me find this CHD? The one provided on the Mega link has a different SHA1 and I'm running MAMEUI64.

"Psyvariar -Medium Unit- (V2.02O 2000/02/22 13:00)"
sha1 3c7fca5180356190a8bf94b22a847fdd2e6a4e13

The one in the Mega-link has the correct SHA-1, I tested it with chdman.


chdman - MAME Compressed Hunks of Data (CHD) manager 0.214 (mame0214)
Input file:   psyvaria.chd
File Version: 5
Logical size: 40,960,000 bytes
Hunk Size:    4,096 bytes
Total Hunks:  10,000
Unit Size:    512 bytes
Total Units:  80,000
Compression:  lzma (LZMA), zlib (Deflate), huff (Huffman), flac (FLAC)
CHD size:     21,997,877 bytes
Ratio:        53.7%
SHA1:         3c7fca5180356190a8bf94b22a847fdd2e6a4e13
Data SHA1:    06998a0903e8575909ff4778c89d19ccd364f78f
Metadata:     Tag='GDDD'  Index=0  Length=33 bytes
Metadata:     Tag='IDNT'  Index=0  Length=512 bytes
              L.q......!..........TL899061.SI..TA..+. ......eV.r.6 3ATTI O
Metadata:     Tag='KEY '  Index=0  Length=5 bytes
Metadata:     Tag='CIS '  Index=0  Length=122 bytes
              ...:...... .....!..."...".................UM].. ...A..UM]d..



Psyvariar -Medium Unit- (V2.04J 2000/02/15 11:00) [system: Taito GNET - folder: psyvarij - parent: psyvaria - size: 5mb]
missing chd: psyvarij.chd [chd-sha1: b981a42a10069322b77f7a268beae1d409b4156d]

Hello, smile,it's ok now

psyvarij.chd18.9M62 downloads


Psyvariar -Medium Unit- (V2.04J 2000/02/15 11:00) [system: Taito GNET - folder: psyvarij - parent: psyvaria - size: 5mb]
missing chd: psyvarij.chd [chd-sha1: b981a42a10069322b77f7a268beae1d409b4156d]

 Is that a request?

That's the old psyvaria.chd renamed to psyvarij.chd as explained in the other Mame 0.214 thread.


Could you help to fix these, please :

ibm5170 : 7 miss

ibm5150 : 1 miss

 It looks like you copy the new update roms over the old sets, overwriting them. Don't do that!

Folks, can you help with the new DECO proms  mb7116e_a-1.12c (512 bytes), mb7122e_a-2.17e (1024 bytes) for robocop and hippodrm?

Cant find Bad Dudes mb7116e.12c, mb7122e.17e and eg25.15h either


Hey guys..
but is it possible that  in the mame 0.214 I miss this CHD?
I downloaded a complete set. I tried to look around. But I can't find this file …
Thanks for the suggestions

MegaTouch XL Gold (Version r00) [folder: mtchxlgldo - parent: mtchxlgld - size: 1mb]

missing chd: r00.chd [chd-sha1: 635e267f1abea060ce813eb7e78b88d57ea3f951]

fix_Mame 0.214.dat3K0 downloads

That r00.chd is in the r00 rars in the parent folder in the BDA.
After extracting the rars you have to place the r00.chd in the mtchxlgldo folder if you have a split or non-merged set.

Yes, i have a split set...
I had seen that the one in the parent folder had the same name.

But they have two different hashes …

The one in the mtchxlgld folder has  sha1 = 07A42F09155B3CBFBE9B20DADF21CF8F3359D61E


That's because you check the CHD-SHA1 incorrectly ...

If you scroll up you'll see that you have to use chdman to get the CHD-SHA1; you calculated the file's SHA1.

Also, when you place that r00.chd in the mtchxlgldo folder then your rom manager would mark it as correct.


chdman - MAME Compressed Hunks of Data (CHD) manager 0.214 (mame0214)
Input file:   r00.chd
File Version: 5
Logical size: 667,628,352 bytes
Hunk Size:    9,792 bytes
Total Hunks:  68,181
Unit Size:    2,448 bytes
Total Units:  272,724
Compression:  cdlz (CD LZMA), cdzl (CD Deflate), cdfl (CD FLAC)
CHD size:     504,597,036 bytes
Ratio:        75.6%
SHA1:         635e267f1abea060ce813eb7e78b88d57ea3f951
Data SHA1:    648372031878215d97a71198454d3e9dd6d28bad
Metadata:     Tag='CHT2'  Index=0  Length=95 bytes

And I do not know..

clrmame tells me that the file is not the right one ..

Only this...


Now works..

I didn't rebuil with clrmame, but I created the folder in the right destination and put this file in ...

Now he likes it

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