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MAME 0.213 ROMs sooner (arcade + mess)

I will update the following folder for the updates  (from official 0.212 to the next official release 0.213):



Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.212 or earlier!

Note: Remember that this update folder does not contain complete sets! "Full MAME 0.212" + "update" -> rebuild -> "Full MAME 0.212rXXX"

I am looking for the following ROM:
MCS-85 System Design Kit [folder: sdk85 - size: 8kb]
missing rom: empty.a14 [size: 2048] [CRC32: f1e8ba9e] [SHA1: 605db3fdbaff4ba13729371ad0c4fbab3889378e]

Found it! No more need.

All mame roms on bda and for hbmame use pd. 

tstst -> HBMAME -> BDA too -> I have updated it today to 0.213


Found it! No more need.

 Where? I'm missing that one too!

Some people do not understand it. There are users who use only the MESS part of MAME.

sdk85.zip2.8K59 downloads

Do a search for the SHA-1 and you'll see that that rom is in stunrun in Mame since November 2013.


Do a search for the SHA-1 and you'll see that that rom is in stunrun in Mame since November 2013.

Smartass mode on.
What do you think what I did?
Smartass mode off.

Please please be nice, we are all here just for fun. It should be possible to ask a question or for a rom, thats the reason why this forum/site exists :-)


Smartass mode on.
What do you think what I did?
Smartass mode off.

Obviously not that or you wouldn't have to request the rom.

Besides, that was an advice for Jvida and everyone else wanting 'missing' roms that aren't in the update folder.

Could someone please upload the full 0.213 roms of:






thank you

Thx, but you could've said the exact same thing without being rude.


I have just one rom missing:


Casino Poker (Ver PM86-35-1, German) [folder: caspokerb - parent: caspoker - size: 28kb]

missing rom: caspokerb_nvram.bin [size: 2048] [CRC32: b0c63467] [SHA1: 0a031686821ce7da43816076ea498389310b98c6]

Datfile attached :-D

caspokerb.dat1.1K4 downloads


missing rom: caspokerb_nvram.bin [size: 2048] [CRC32: b0c63467] [SHA1: 0a031686821ce7da43816076ea498389310b98c6]

 Judging by the SHA-1, that rom was in in Mame 0.212 so it's normally still in your backup-folder.

Thank you, Noone, You we're right. :-D

Full set again!

Hello, could you help to fix my softwarelist 0.213, please (12 ROMs)

Exidy Sorcerer cassettes : Defense [folder: misil - size: 16mb]

IBM PC-AT disk images 5170 : Strike Commander: Tactical Operations [folder: tactops - size: 4mb] / Strike Commander [folder: strkcomm - size: 11mb] / Strike Commander: Speech Pack[folder: speechpk - size: 4mb]

fix_gba : Broken Circle (Euro) [folder: brokenc - size: 16mb]

VTech Genius Junior 4000 cartridges : Wissen für Kinder [folder: wfk - size: 128kb]

VTech Genius Leader 6000SL cartridges : Update - Rechtschreibreform [folder: update - size: 512kb]

VTech Genius Leader CX cartridges : Update Programm-Zusatzkassette (Ger) [folder: update - size: 128kb]

VTech Genius Leader Select cartridges : Spielend Richtig Schreiben [folder: srs - size: 256kb]

VTech V.Smile cartridges : Abenteuer im ABC Park (Germany, Rev. 3) [folder: alphaprkgr3 - parent: alphaprkr101 - size: 8mb] / The Batman - Rettung von Gotham City (Germany) [folder: batmang - size: 8mb] / Dolphis Wasser-abenteuer (Germany) [folder: wwavesg - size: 8mb]


fix_sorcerer_cass.dat754B3 downloads
fix_ibm5170.dat2.7K1 downloads
fix_gba.dat781B2 downloads
fix_gj4000.dat741B3 downloads
fix_gl6000sl.dat774B2 downloads
fix_glcx.dat771B1 downloads
fix_gls.dat756B1 downloads
fix_vsmile_cart.dat1.4K1 downloads

@Newton: Keep in mind that 0.213 is in a freeze mode and waits to be released. Your missings are from the next release 0.214 (I have not checked all your dats).



I am curious, how long will it be in freeze mode ?

@Mucci : i just extract "hash" from mameui64 v0.213.

I understand better why we don not find them for now (bad synchronization between the different version of Mame)

. Let's wait for v0.214laughing


0.213 is coming. (hmmm sooner or later)

I have those SL, but I don't want to offers to download them before I have not verified them. Thats it. I must compile a new version first (after the 0.213 is released)


tstst -> HBMAME -> BDA too -> I have updated it today to 0.213

 Thank you for adding hbmame in the bda. laughing


Seriously a few guys need to training clrmamepro, it's so easy to use it. 

I learned my self alone, no tutorials and we can get all we want it.

Now we can use ArcadeUI/Emuloader to select and extract the games we want it in minutes.

I have friends they used manually. sealed

Me too i'm missing hbarrel in 0.213, all my roms were OK in 0.212 and impossible to fix with clrmamepro and 0.213 MEGA roms embarassed

Heavy Barrel (World) [folder: hbarrel - size: 2mb]

missing rom: ec01-e.3a [size: 65536] [CRC32: 6756f8ae] [SHA1: 4edea085dedab46995b07d134b0974e365c32bfe]

missing rom: ec03.6a [size: 65536] [CRC32: 720c6b13] [SHA1: 2af04de911f759b20ecec3aaf96238545c6cc987]

missing rom: ec04-e.3c [size: 65536] [CRC32: d01bc3db] [SHA1: 53c9b78ce12ab577111fd96ef793b0fc4131bec3]

missing rom: ec06.6c [size: 65536] [CRC32: 61ec20d8] [SHA1: 9cd87fb896e746dc7745c59396cf5b06a9c6fae1]

missing rom: ec07.8a [size: 32768] [CRC32: 16a5a1aa] [SHA1: 27eb8c09be6b1be502bda9ae9c9ff860d2560d46]

missing rom: ec08.2c [size: 65536] [CRC32: 2159a609] [SHA1: cae503e446c7164a44b59886680f554a4cb1eef2]

missing rom: ec25.15h [size: 65536] [CRC32: 2e5732a2] [SHA1: b730ce11db1876b81d2b7cde0f129bd6fbfeb771]

missing rom: ec26.16h [size: 65536] [CRC32: 161a2c4d] [SHA1: fbfa97ecc8b4d540d38f811ebb6272b348ed37e5]


Me too i'm missing hbarrel in 0.213, all my roms were OK in 0.212 and impossible to fix with clrmamepro and 0.213 MEGA roms 

 All those roms are in hbarrelw in Mame 0.212...

Thanks "noone", kiss-kiss darling, my mame 0.213 is fully perfect now laughing

I have a problem with a rom downloaded from the MEGA mirror:

$ mame -verifyroms gnw_mbaway

gnw_mbaway  : tb-94.melody (256 bytes) - INCORRECT CHECKSUM:

EXPECTED: CRC(883931c2) SHA1(9ad22bde42a67c42d117f3ffa81a23c3c9044e66) BAD_DUMP

   FOUND: CRC(6179e627)

romset gnw_mbaway is bad

1 romsets found, 0 were OK.

Im verifying it with the 0.213 exe, file is replaced :-)

updating now RR to 0.213

After that creating the new 0.214 sooner thread :-)


Thanks! My roms set is now 100% correct.

Your work is greatly appreciatedlaughing

Wow - had a complete set in 212 but 213 giving me all kinds of issues.

I'm having issue with the downloaded gnw_mbaway - tb94.melody as well - keeps wanting to remove it with clearmamepro - doesn't like it.  What is funny is mine is saying it needs what Andreac had as being wrong. 

Please help me with this missing one as well.

sdk85 - mastermind.a15

Update:  This is very strange - I've always used MAMEUI as my source and it shows all of the above as missing or wrong.  I then downloaded the official 0.213 from MAME and ran clearmamepro with it and it removed a different rom file empty something from sdk85 and didn't show any issues with anything else.  Guess I'm good. Guess going to have to use the official source instead of others.  

MAMEui was compiled 1 week before official MAME !

MAMEui 0.213:
<rom name="tb-94.melody" size="256" crc="6179e627" sha1="e0bc8a7b2a1044f1437b0e06391102e403c11e1f" status="baddump" region="maincpu:melody" offset="0"/

Official MAME 0.213:
<rom name="tb-94.melody" size="256" crc="883931c2" sha1="9ad22bde42a67c42d117f3ffa81a23c3c9044e66" status="baddump" region="maincpu:melody" offset="0"/>

sorry I don't have the old one .....I have overwritten it 


also for SDK85 -> it is not 100% the same in MAMEui and MAME

sdk85.zip2.2K59 downloads
sdk85_.zip564B55 downloads

Attached is the unofficial tb-94.melody.

Thanks noone ;-)

Thank you everyone for checking into and putting up the items. 

Hi guys...


Who can help me with  some missing files?


kevinfix_MAME.zip4.8K5 downloads


Who can help me with  some missing files?

 I see sdk85, hbarrel, caspoker and gnw_mbaway between your missings. Did you read this thread?

The BDA should be up-to-date.


The BDA should be up-to-date.

Maybe this one is missing on BDA?!: TETGIANO

My MAME64.EXE 0.213 reports:
tetgiano    : 317-0604-com.ic15 (2048 bytes) - INCORRECT CHECKSUM:
EXPECTED: CRC(a46dfd47) SHA1(9e24739ecaaf85ef3b862485064450db6c607189)
   FOUND: CRC(e8dd2b86)

A, I see it is merged with TETGIANT, and this is on BDA, so I have to try this...


OK. SOLVED: It was my fault:

I had an old TETGIANO which contains 317-0604-com.ic15 with old Checksum. I had to delete TETGIANO.ZIP and all audits well now with the TETGIANT.ZIP Parent

HI Lucie, everyone


After hceck with DBA, i found I now have missing only attached, most part ofthem from sotware list.

Who can help me?}



·Sets                 6/163216

·ROMs                 49/504635

·CHDs                 0/10292

·Samples              0/18655

·Bytes                41mb/387gb

fix_MAME Ke 092019.zip2.7K2 downloads


I have made a build of MameUI64 after i fixed the sources.

For those having problems with sdk85 or gnw_mbaway and want to use the latest roms, here is the link


Download it and replace your MAMEUI64.exe with it. smile


After hceck with DBA, i found I now have missing only attached, most part ofthem from sotware list.

Who can help me?}

 You can combine and from the BDA to get the wh2h romset you requested.

Missing Roms v3!!


Hi team , after comiplete some other changes as you suggested, only few roms of software list are missing..


Who can help me??

fix_MAMEkev3.zip1.9K3 downloads

Kchinchi, next time please start your own thread because your request has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.

Also, don't edit/combine all your missings into one dat; it made it really hard to figure out what SL set your missing roms are from.

fix_MAMEkev3.7z1.8M3 downloads

Thanks noone


I created anew threath becuase now mame said that I have pending 16 files..


Thanks for feedback. 

Everything listed here it must be emulated on MAME/MESS

iQue Player (China/Taiwan) (a long side a hole romset that I found on Internet Archive

VIdeoNow (including chds)

VideoNow Xp (including chds)

VideoNow Color (including chds)

Other microcontrollers by Linus Akesson from he's official page right here (no scam or clickbait):

NES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition 

Sega Genesis Mini

The C64 Mini (Pal/NTSC)

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