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KOF 97 Invincible Plus B2.1.2107

Looking for this rom to fill my (albeit slightly older) FBNeo set.  I'm building one to match the build version used on Batocera 34/35-dev as they do not update often.  Only when something significant changes that warrants it and I cannot update the RA cores they are using (I think they are compiled in).  I've got literally everything else and all the kof97ip zips I found have the wrong CRCs.  I did see that it got posted in the sooner threads but the links are no longer any good. Could someone help me with this?  Thanks for any assistance provided. ;)


The King of Fighters '97 (Invincible Plus! B2.1.2107) [system: Neo Geo - folder: kof97ip - parent: kof97 - size: 92mb]
missing rom: 232-c1ip.c1 [size: 8388608] [CRC32: 271e4ba4]
missing rom: 232-c2ip.c2 [size: 8388608] [CRC32: 04efe3df]
missing rom: 232-c3ip.c3 [size: 8388608] [CRC32: e9927918]
missing rom: 232-c4ip.c4 [size: 8388608] [CRC32: dd73554f]
missing rom: 232-c5ip.c5 [size: 8388608] [CRC32: 5f481842]
missing rom: 232-c6ip.c6 [size: 8388608] [CRC32: 0f2ec052]
missing rom: 232-c7ip.c7 [size: 8388608] [CRC32: a5864964]
missing rom: 232-c8ip.c8 [size: 8388608] [CRC32: a8bc0759]


EDIT: Current Batocera releases use the April 16th dat files for anyone interested.  That matches with the github commit that is referenced in the core version information.

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Thank you so much!

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