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Help fix missing sets



Hi guys,

I’m after some help with my 0.205 set rebuild. Previously I had a 0.204 SPLIT set but have been trying to rebuild as a 0.205 NON-MERGED set using clrmamepro. 

I have all the ROMs and CHDs but I still get a “missing 6 sets” result when I run the scanner. 

I can see that the scanner says that I’m missing samples. For instance, “fantasy_sound” and I can see that I have the correct parent sample folders (e.g, so I’m not sure how I resolve this.

I realise that I can trick the scanner by creating an empty directory called “fantasy_sound”, but is that the right way to fix it? I’d really appreciate some help. I have paid for a premium membership and searched but can’t find a definitive answer  

Thanks again!

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