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HBMAME 0.217 ROMs sooner

I have created a web folder for the updates:


Thanks again Mucci for upload :)

What is the difference between mame and hbmame, is it the same thing?

@ HBmame is an "hack" of Mame. It includes Homebrew and hacks games .
For example, you have many variations of king of fighters with different color of sprite , re balance gameplay, etc.

Does it contain the regular mame games too?

Is it more fun than the regular mame games?

I currently have the mame 0.214 split roms and tried to update to 0.218 but the updates here dont have roms in them and i only want the roms from 0.215 to 0.218

Can i just drop them in my 0.214 roms folder as i read it's not that simple to update it etc.

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