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Download roms is free or have any cost???

Sorry for my dumb question , but the downloads are free or have any cost, i was searching in the page and i found an área for upgrade the membership but well i don't have money to upgrade my account. The download área where the roms are posted in files icons is free the download or have cost. Sorry for my bad english but i'm learning in my third world country. Thanks for read me guys.


Welcome mafer

You can check your "permissions" for your account :

Membership >> Allowed Actions

Standard permission to download files:
Times allowed: 100 (pieces)
Period (hours): 24

Means you can download a max of 100 files within 24h. When you have reached 100 files (within 24h) you have to wait to download again -> nasty thing is that the system is not telling you " have reached..." it ask you all the time for Login/Password and rejects it.


When you want to upgrade your account -> each package has a "info" that Shows you the Details what you are getting.

Thank you very much.


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