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Daphne / Singe, etc

Hope you can help

I have the Daphne Loader all working fine and have Singe working fine with the American Laser Games like Mad Dog

However I was interested in getting the higher resolution Laserdisc games working.  For example Cliff Hanger.

Few question / queries

1.  Daphne Loader shows a green screen when using the higher resolution MP4 file of Cliff Hanger.  Searches indicate that this is due to the resolution.  So I amended the resolution to 640 / 480 and converted it to an M2V to use in Daphne.  The file size is less than 2gb - I think Daphne does not recognise over this size??

This then loads but does not play correctly, all the video files shown are messed up / not in order.  What would the reason be for this?  Have i done something wrong?  Maybe the framefiles???  Bit over my head this part as unsure how this works - I just pointed the framefile text doc to where the vid file is, changed nothing else

2.  I tried Cliff Hanger in Singe 2.0, loads up in the menu fine, but does not start.  All the games from Kangaroo Punch site worked bar this.  Again searches indicated this was due to a resolution issue and a 16:9 version was uploaded.  I downloaded this and this then loads ok in Singe, but again the video files seem to be all over the place.  Starts with them coming down the casino, lights go on, skips to game over screen and a car crash???  Any way to fix or amend resolution so it works in Singe?

3.  Does Singe just play the games that Kangaroo Punch website states?  No way to get Dragons Lair on there?  I downloaded Time Warp, the enhanced version (DL2e) and looks much better than what I am running in Daphne Loader, but cant get it to show in the menu section of Singe (unless I am doing something wrong) same with Mad Dog Mcree HD

4.  Is Hypseus Singe the way to go? I can get Cliff Hanger working there, but as I am using a PC, I do like the frontend options of Daphne and Singe, rather than running the .bat files.  Plus I cannot get the Action Max games to load

5.  Is there still no sound in GP World?  I am using an old Daphne set however

I hope the above makes sense