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DSP v0.18b3 ROMs

I used to enjoy fiddling with this emulator a lot. It supports Coleco, NES, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and a number of arcade games.

You can get it from

The problem is that I thought the emu was discontinued and I deleted all my ROMs, samples and stuff. Can you help me get them?

OK, I'm seeing that the emu uses mostly MAME ROMs. The only exceptions so far are:

Alien Syndrome


I'd also like help to understand how (if possible) it is to create a DAT for this emu.

First time I hear about this emulator.


You can create the dat within the emulator:

Options - Configuration - ROM - Export ROM data

Thank you. I'll try to build a complete set from my MAME collection.

OK, MAME's main sets seem to work fine, except for these:

Alien Syndrome



Fantasy Zone II

Gauntlet II

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Marble Madness

Peter Pack Rat


The ROM DAT by the emulator also has some errors. According to it, I should be able to run "Marble Madness" and I can't.

On the good side, I managed to find my old installation of the emu and got its samples and preview pics, in case anybody wants them.

You're right, there are a few errors in the dat.

Can you test attached roms? I rebuilt them by hand from Mame.


Are the preview pics and samples different from the ones in the Github?

aliensyn.zip453.3K17 downloads
bosco.zip37.2K17 downloads
defender.zip22.9K17 downloads
fantzn2.zip187.1K16 downloads
gaunt2.zip307.8K18 downloads
indytemp.zip352.1K17 downloads
marble.zip208.7K17 downloads
peterpak.zip222K16 downloads

Fantastic job! The pics I took them myself, so they don't have those ugly grey borders. On the minus side, some of them look vertically stretched in the main menu.

The samples should be the same.

Can you share your preview pics?


preview.zip6M10 downloads


I tested every arcade game in DSP and found a few more errors in the dat.

Attached is a dir2dat of my working set.

DSP_018b3_arcade.dat451.6K10 downloads

Great! I've emailed the author, see what he says about this and other bugs I found.

Well, the emu has been upodated a few times since I last wrote here. The bad news is that the author hasn't replied to my e-mail nor fixed the bugs we noticed. therefore, the ROM data export still has errors, and some ROMs are hard to locate.

Particularly, I'm having trouble with leds2011, retofinv, and rodland, where MAME ROMs don't seem to work.

Try these.

leds2011.zip730.3K15 downloads
retofinv.zip48.2K14 downloads
rodland.zip998.9K15 downloads

You are a magician... xD

Updated previews attached.

preview.zip6.3M9 downloads


please can me someone help to fill the attached dat to complete the DSP Emu?

Thanks in advance laughing

Got it, screwed complete in the world wide web and found that file what I need after a research here .... LOL
Thanks for that. laughingcool

The file that I needed was "034597-01.m3" crc=503f992e

Now this Romset is also complete.


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