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Access Troubles

To whom it may concern,

Soon after I opened an account on this website, it seemed that I was unable to access the website for some reason. I was only able to get on it intermittently using my cable service for the past few weeks, defaulting to my 4G connection on my cell phone instead when I couldn't use Wi-Fi. I'm not sure if my provider may blow a fuse with this site again, so I might only have a moment to get this out before I wind up unable to come here again.

On this last 3 days i have obtain the same trouble.


I need to download some mame roms....... using firefox on windows 10.

I have download about 30/40 files then suddenly... baaaaam, nothings download as more works. When you reach your download limit usually you obtain the request to access but this time it's totally different because i can't directly reach the site and browser report to me "Connection Time Out".


I have try out some ways...... it's pass 2 o 3 days and....... i can back here. Strange.

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