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2 years away and short VPM 3.4 stuff

Finding it incredibly more difficult to find these things nowadays.

Long story short, I was away from pinball emulation for 2 years, and have returned to update my v3.3 set to v3.4.

Looked in the "usual" places (including here) and have come up empty on most.

So - can some kind soul please help me out?

Fixdat attached.

fix_PinMAME32 v.34.dat7.1K3 downloads

here you go my friend :

Thanks.  Now down to just 3.  Have no clue how to patch files to get the first two.

Batman: The Dark Knight (V2.9) (Colored MOD) [folder: bdk_294c - parent: bdk_294 - size: 120mb]

missing set: Batman: The Dark Knight (V2.9) (Colored MOD)

missing rom: bdk_294c.bin [size: 125829104] [CRC32: 5a4246a1] [SHA1: 725eb666ffaef894d2bd694d412658395c7fa7f9]


Demolition Man (LX-4C Competition + LED Ghost MOD) [folder: dm_lx4c - parent: dm_lx4 - size: 4mb]

missing set: Demolition Man (LX-4C Competition + LED Ghost MOD)

missing rom: Demolition Man U6 game ROM rev LX-4 patch 00c6.rom [size: 524288] [CRC32: f669f92d] [SHA1: 0dc1c746c8a6ebcbcbc3866bbdcd5471a1d626ba]


Saturn 2 (Free Play) [folder: saturnfp - parent: spyhuntr - size: 16kb]

missing rom: saturn2_freeplay.u2 [size: 4096] [CRC32: 422f190e] [SHA1: 595b0f237c80acd174de44bb0a5ad7b36a60d967]

missing rom: saturn2_freeplay.u6 [size: 4096] [CRC32: cae795c1] [SHA1: 586b7b341e6f0292e7d3c8bb0b4e2c05dd19d2d7]


fix_PinMAME32 v.34.dat1.6K1 downloads

from this day those last 3 are MIA

Thanks for that info.  You were a big help in getting the rest of my fills done.

@dredick3966 do you have any of these? 

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