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No-Intro 31-Jul-2016 Requests

Tiger-Heli (Europe) (Rev A).nes  [CRC32: 95d3bfff]

Beggar Prince (World) (Rev 1) (Unl).md  [CRC32: 6332edcc]
Pier Solar and the Great Architects (World) (Unl).md [CRC32: 003a0754]

Satespo Hachi-gatsu Itsuka Gou (Japan) (BS).sfc [CRC32: 8652375]

Igo Club (Japan) (Rev 2).sfc [CRC32: d6b2606d]
Super Okumanchouja Game (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP).sfc [CRC32: 12d589f8]
Tsukikomori (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP).sfc [CRC32: f37c6726]


I know these are all MIA atm, but I figured I may as well jump start this thread on the new boards.

Just need a few ROMs to fill out my collection. I know some of these are still MIA but I'd appreciate fills for the ones that are out there.

fixdat.zip5.4K5 downloads

@Attached you have 2 SNES ROMs:

  • Picross NP Vol. 3 (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP)
  • Picross NP Vol. 5 (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP)

Finally I was able to register here when I realized my confirmation mails were always detected as Hope this helps:

Thank you BigFred

My thanks as well, BigFred. My No-Intro completion OCD feels much relieved :-D

Thank you very much BigFred!!! laughing

Wow BigFred!!! That was awesome. Thanks!!!! cool

Thank you BigFred!

As alway BigFred saves the day, thanks bud.

Many thanks BigFred!!laughing


Updated N64 Glover (Beta):

No-Intro updated to the bad checksum, original dump. The one previously included had a fixed checksum. I just hex edited the previous version back to the original based on this No-Intro Forum thread:


Think some of this might be really MIA, but just checking. thanks!

OOPS, disregard the SMS - Mark 3 stuff

fixdat.zip3.5K2 downloads

Please, missing roms:

Game Boy Roms:

- Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (USA) (Proto)      CRC 1e8a59c2

- [BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World)              CRC c2f5cc97

- [BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Boot ROM (World)  CRC e6920754

@Alcast: Your Game Boy ROM request.

Ganbare Goemon - Yuki Hime Kyuushutsu Emaki (Japan) (Rev 1) for SNES:

Can someone help me with these missing roms (nintendo and sega, 34 roms) ?

Thanks in advance !

@adrienne: See link below.

adrienne_fix_20161103.7z 43.43 MB

Thanks a lot KingTut smile

Hi does anybody got this new snes Ganbare Goemon 3 - Shishi Juurokubee no Karakuri Manjigatame (Japan) (Rev 1)

Time to share some goodies :)

Thank you very much BigFred for your hard work!

Thanks for the SNES ROM BigFred. Much appreciated.

Hi, does somebody have this SNES rom ?


Picross NP Vol. 6 (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP).sfc


Thanks in advance.

Picross NP Vol. 6 (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP).sfc



Picross NP Vol. 6 (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP).sfc

 0 bytes ?



Picross NP Vol. 6 (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP).sfc


 Thanks for posting the correct link.

Looking for Mahjong (Japan).nes with and without header thanks in advance

Holy shit why it posted my message so many times sorry


Can anyone help me with attached FixDat files?

Thank you in advance!

Othersky_Fix.zip18.4K10 downloads

Enjoy laughing

BigFred thanks can you post the no header version too of Mahjong

Open the file in a hexeditor and delete the first 16 bytes.

Hi, can anyone post these 3 roms please :-


Sega - Megadrive - Genesis


[BIOS] Mega-CD 2 (Japan) (v2.00C).md [size: 131072] [CRC32: ba7bf31d]

Swamp Thing (USA) (Proto).md [size: 1048576] [CRC32: c920e523]


Nintendo - Game Boy Advance


2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo! - Mystery Mayhem + Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase (Europe) (En,Fr,De+En).gba [size: 8388608] [CRC32: c36e6884]


Note, there are 2 of the Scooby Doo games I listed with the same name but different CRC. Thanks in advance.

Looking for the 3 new dsi dlcs:

DodoGo! Challenge (USA)

My Exotic Farm (USA) (Rev 1)

Cake Ninja (USA)

Btw does dsi got a different bios and firmware than ds? Nobody seems to have dumped them and they are not in the no-intro dat.

And if anyone got 3 gba ereader roms that most of us miss can you share them it will be a nice xmas gift xD

Looks like this place has changed a ton since my last visit. Really good new design.

Well stopping in to upgrade my no-intro sets. Normally I would scrounge the InSearchOf stuff and download all I can before asking for anything. It seems the old forums are gone this time though.

I really don't want to ask but if someone doesn't mind hooking me up with the missing ROMs I would appreciate it. About 120 ROMs not counting the Amiga stuff that I'm sure is still missing.

Fix dats attached.

fix_dats.zip68.7K2 downloads

I'm trying to build the latest No-Intro set of Atari 2600 Roms.

I am only missing Miner 2049er - Staring Bounty Bob (USA).a26 (size:8192) (CRC32: 19f9ef1c).

FixDat attached



i currently rescanned my no-intro set and have some missing ones.

maybe someone want to help me out ?


thanks in advance

fixdats.zip10.3K1 downloads

@ anschuer

Miner 2049er - Starring Bounty Bob (USA).zip

I have a few I've been looking for, I think I've exhausted this topic and this site for these.

NoIntro FixDats.7z14.5K3 downloads

I miss 24 roms.

If anyone can help me, thank him

@beano38 & Marcus: See link below.


beano38_fix_20170314.7z (2.7 MB)

Download Link


marcus_fix_20170314.7z (20.3 MB)

Download Link


@beano38 & Marcus: See link below.


beano38_fix_20170314.7z (2.7 MB)

Download Link


marcus_fix_20170314.7z (20.3 MB)

Download Link

 Very kind! Thanks so much!!!

Thank you very much King Tut!!!

Hello everyone I miss these roms, if anyone can help I would be grateful.

Thank you


Air Cars (World) [folder: Air Cars (World) - size: 2mb]

Klax (USA, Europe) (Beta) [folder: Klax (USA, Europe) (Beta) - size: 256kb]

Tom and Jerry - Frantic Antics (Japan) (En) [folder: Tom and Jerry - Frantic Antics (Japan) (En) - size: 1mb]


missing this Game Boy Color Roms:

Daikatana (USA) (Proto) (2000-04-19)
Gekido (Europe) (Proto)
Kawaii Pet Shop Monogatari 2 (Japan) (Rev 1) (GB Compatible)
Super 16 in 1 (Taiwan) (En) (Sachen) (Unl)
Super 6 in 1 (Taiwan) (En,Zh) (6B-001, Sachen) (Unl)
Survival Kids - Kotou no Boukensha (Japan) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible)
Tezhong Budui 2 - Jidi (China) (Li Cheng) (Unl)


I only have these. (for SNES from your fix files)



I only have these. (for SNES from your fix files)


Hello everyone, my lacking these Roms:


- Sega Pico: 3 roms

- Nes: 3 roms

- SNES: 59 roms

- Commodore Amiga 350 roms



If you can help ...

Thank you

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