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MAME 0.181 7zip self-extractables files don't run

That's it. I tried everything: Ran as administrator, re-downloaded them, turned off antivirus, safe mode, checked if Windows had suspended the threads etc. Nothing. Both x64 and x86 versions. When I click them, the icon even changes to working mode but nothing happens. Weird, to say the least.


Given that situation, I'd like to know if someone could upload somewhere MAME x64 in a already extracted and zipped folder, because I would like to update my fullset and try some new working Toaplan games. embarassed

I managed to open the file, thanks to a member of a other forum that I ask the question too.

What it happened is that 7zip self-extractable files can be opened by 7zip program itself, despite to be an executable file. The reason my computer didn't open them continues a mystery... I hope in the next release everything is OK.