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Just Saying Hifirst: deylingk 05.02.2017last: deylingk 05.02.2017 Hello everyone.  I've been out of retro gaming for a few years. I've just gotten back into it.  Hope I can con...
Thanks for accepting me to join RetroRomsfirst: wisan 23.12.2016last: Mucci 23.12.2016Hi everyone, I am wisan from indonesia Thank you for accepting me to join RetroRoms Nice to meet you all...
Rejoinfirst: XPMan 29.09.2016last: CptGuapo 04.10.2016I see. The site has a new look. Nice by the way!So i rejoin here with my old Username but i forgott my old Passwort.
RetroRoms Game Competitionfirst: czokie 24.07.2016last: radiance 25.07.2016We don't have a "GOTW" (or gotm) forum here. That was deliberate. Instead, I was thinking we could use the "events" system he...